We put this band together with the idea of bringing country music to the masses. The eclectic and diverse members of The Black Rose Band come from all kinds of backgrounds and influences. This gives us a deep pool of experience and talent to draw from. We are true professionals who are craftsman of their own instrument. The philosophy we have is to make great country music with an edge that showcases the bands great talents. We feature great vocals, fantastic rhythm section, and a quality dynamic show. Our influences are everthing from George Strait to Cross Canadian Ragweed, AC/DC to HAG. We play the latest top 40 hits and the classics everyone loves. We are foucused on performing and putting on fanstastic memorable shows

Woody Wiley - Lead Vocals/ Guitar

     Woody was brought up with music in his soul starting with his first guitar at the age of 7. He was entertaining from day one. Woody developed a original style listening to
Country, Rock and Soul growing up.  Woody has cut his teeth in several bands over the years from alternitive rock (Accidents of Influence), R&B Funk (Shades of Soul), to Country (Black Rose Band). During his college years he worked as a sound man doing shows all over the country. He has worked with artists from ICE T to No Doubt. Woody has a passion for good Country music and he lives the songs. There is a country song for every occasion and every person out there. Woody has devloped into a world class singer and a great all around musician. Woody also hunts fishes and loves the outdoors. He is the real deal country to the bone. He loves the thrill of entertaining and showing the audience a great time. "Don't come to one of our shows if your not ready to have a good time"!  - Woody

Eric Blackmore - Lead Guitar/ Vocals

Eric Blackmore is a Colorado native and has years of experience playing all genre’s  of music. He is a full time guitar instructor and has enhanced the lives of countless guitar players all over the world. Eric is a world class guitar player and we are lucky to have him join the band. He has played with several notable area bands and has a huge repertoire of songs and ideas to add to the BRB sound. Come out and catch the new exciting sounds of MR. Balckmore

Michael Lascola - Bass Guitar

Coming from a musical family, Michael has been playing bass onstage since 1979. 

He has played musical genres from punk, hard rock, new wave, traditional country and classic rock. Through the years, his bands have shared the stage with such acts as the Ventures, Randy Bachman, and Robin Trower.

Dewey Steele - Percussion